5 Ways To Wear White T-Shirts

I have this problem all the time. I buy a white t-shirt that I love and never know what to wear with it. I worry black and white is too boring. Here is how to style a white t-shirt without looking like a basic Oreo.

1. Skirt and Jacket Combo

Find a funky jacket and skirt. They can be the same color or not. Tuck in the t-shirt to give yourself a waist. Add jewelry and accessories accordingly.

fringe-outfits-1                f3b9ae19f04f65cb2bae9f1c8403f33b

Photo Credit: justthedesign.com                        Photo Credit: fashionfar.com

2. White T-Shirt Under Dress

If it’s chilly outside wear tights and a long white t-shirt under a summer dress. You can use a funky dress with a cool pattern or color. You can also try a black leather dress. Add heels for an event and sneakers for day-to-day wear.

A lot of our favorite old trends came back in style this summer, but if any of them screams ’90s the most, it might be the shirt under a dress look. Growing up, I watched all of the *cool kids* and older celebrities pull off silky slip dresses over plain white tees flawlessly, looking messy in an impossibly chic way. I layered my own dresses over shirts and tanks, but I was young, and didn’t look nearly as cool as I wanted to.:       

Photo Credit: theyallhateus.com          Photo Credit: justthedesign.com

3. Add A Crop Top

Layer a crop top over your white t-shirt. Wear patterned pants or distressed jeans. You can also add a black bralet for a more dressy look. More into color? Wear a bright crop top and shoes.

Photo Credit: FashionTasty.com                            Photo Credit: glamradar.com

4. Don’t Be Scared of Pairing White with White

This takes guts and courage. Pairing the same two colors is hard. Add a colorful bag, accessory, or heel in a different color or pattern as a focal point.

Photo Credit: zappos.com                              Photo Credit: blog.uncovet.com

5. Add A Vest!

Last, but not least add a vest. It can be long or short. A fur vest adds a new layer to the outfit. Tuck your white t-shirt into jeans or a skirt or let it hang loose.


Photo Credit: chicsteals.com                         Photo Credit: Express.com

There you have it! Five ways to wear a white t-shirt. Hope you found this helpful!


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