A Stylists Guide To Bags

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bags and that’s kinda the same thing.”

Here is it! Now before I begin I have to admit that I actually do not have a lot of bags. I also don’t have a bag obsession. That is taken over by jewelry. I do think though that the right bag can save an outfit. There are so many great ones. I will list a few common bags and give advice about them. Comment anything I might have missed. Here we go!


The Black Bag


Like there is nothing wrong with a little black dress, there is also nothing wrong with a little black bag. Or a big one for that matter.

A small black bag is ideal for an event especially if clutches aren’t your thing, or don’t fit enough. It can keep a lot inside it, but it’s not too big or heavy. A dress is perfect. A black one works. It looks very elegant and sophisticated. If you want to be different, wear an interesting color or pattern. For example a sheer dress or colorful blazer.

Try these items with small black bags:

  • leather jacket
  • strappy heels
  • diamond studs(or dangly earrings)

Big black bags are totally the opposite. These are perfect for winter days when you need to keep a lot in your bag. Try something bright, or it will be too plain. For example a bold colored pair of jeans or sweater. Scarves and jackets in different colors work well too. There are many ways to go and you can adjust this look to your personal style.

Try these items with big black bags:

  • sweater
  • jacket
  • scarf
  • boots


The Fringe Bag


First of all, if you’re going to try a brown fringe bag, you have to go boho all the way. Fringe will be boring if you don’t keep it at the same daring level. A great Coachella look is never complete without a brown fringe bag.

Try these items with brown fringe bags:

  • round sunglasses
  • sandals
  • floppy hat




Black fringe bags are another story. Brown fringe bags are my favorite, but these are great too. If you buy it in black, you should go for a rocker look. You can try bright colors if you want, but I suggest keeping it dark. The black fringe bag is edgy like that.

Try these items with black fringe bags:

  • band or movie t-shirt(vintage)
  • black booties
  • red or black dress
  • beanie

The Clutch

picshype.com – Diana Kruger

The most obvious place to wear a clutch is to an event. The really small ones are unpractical during the day. They’re good for events though because they are cute and easy to carry. A few ideas of what to pack in your clutch is your phone, keys, lip balm, stuff for allergic reactions, feminine products, and/or perfume.

One piece of advice: make sure your rings, if you’re wearing any, match your clutch. People will be looking at them together. If you want to go for a black and white look, wear a modern, clean cut clutch in the same color. If you want to add a little splash of color to an otherwise basic outfit, try something unexpected like yellow, pink or gold.



For day-to-day clutches, try a bigger one. Leather or a softer material is good. Look above for advice on what colors to wear, the advice still applies. Nude colored clutches are great with clean-cut golden jewelry.

Try these items with clutches:

  • rings!
  • matching or complimentary heels
  • dress
  • patterened pants

The Backpack


This trend is not just for school anymore. Backpacks are great when you’re on vacation and need a lot of space in your bag. It’s also a super stylish way to make an outfit more interesting. There are a ton of different types of prints, patterns, and shapes. 

Dresses, sneakers and a backpack are an obvious and great choice together. If you want something cool and like a hipster, yes, I really did use that word, then try a t-shirt with a saying and distressed jeans with a backpack. Overalls are also a great choice.

Try these items with backpacks:

  • skater dress
  • sneakers
  • knee-high socks
  • t-shirt with saying

For a more modern and grown up look go for a leather backpack in black, brown, or white. For something more cool and trendy try a backpack with a cool print like flowers, leaves, or triangles.


The Briefcase

coolspotters.com – Hilary Duff

It’s not for just work anymore, guys. A snakeskin briefcase looks really great with an outfit. If you’re going to a job interview, or just work, it’s chic, but professional. It doesn’t have to be work related though.

You can wear a blouse, or a dress with the bag. Colors like red, blue, and orange work. Nothing too daring or it will draw attention away from the bag. Patterns like plaid and stripes. Again, nothing too daring.


Briefcases are supposed to give you an image of power so nothing too cute, or cuddly. If that’s what you want, go for a backpack or clutch. Briefcases are also great for plane rides because you can keep big things like your computer in them, and you’ll look

Try these items with briefcases:

  • blouses
  • dresses
  • rompers
  • hats

Hope you found my guide helpful!


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