3 Great Shows on Netflix & Why You Should Watch Them

1. Pretty Little Liars

For people who like: dark mysteries.

The Fashion!!


The fashion in this show is fabulous. It’s one of the shows that inspired my passion for fashion. The fashion designer is a genius and the clothes are to die for. There’s even a clothing line for the articles of clothing.

The Mystery


The main summary is that the four girls are being stalked by a mysterious blackmailer called A. She/he is named after their best friend Alison who was murdered. They get texts on their phones from this A and threats. They get captured, run over by cars, burned, and more. If you like mystery this is the show for you.

The Romance


The romance is so . . . um . . . romantic! There are many ups and downs for the beloved couples of these shows. I swear to you, you will fall in love with these ships. Plus you can watch all the full seasons on Netflix. Netflix UK even gets all the episodes 24 hours after they premiere every week.

2. Shadowhunters

For people who like: fantasy.

This show is kind of cheating. I live in the US and we don’t have Shadowhunters on that Netflix. But you can watch it anywhere else.

The Creatures


One reason to watch Shadowhunters is the creatures. There are Downworlders like vampires, warlocks, fairies, and werewolves. There are also Shadowhunters who protect the normal world from demons and Downworlders. I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

The Romance (Yes, again)


The romance in this show was already previously loved because of the massively popular book series, The Mortal Instruments. There are three main couples. Clace, Sizzy, and Malec. I will not tell you who is who. You’ll have to watch for yourself. There is a love triangle though. Actually it’s more of a massive love hexagon. Again, not as complicated as it sounds.

The Fight Scenes


The fight scenes in this show are epic. Literally in the first episode they walk into a club and kick some serious butt. Just look at those sparks and that demon getting reduced to shreds. Also their weapons are so awesome. There are seraph blade that glow, bow and arrows, magic, and more.

3. Fuller House

For people who like: comedy

Old and New


Everything you loved about the original 80s show Full House and new things. The old cast returns for guest starring and main roles. They even live in the same house. But it is still modern. The jokes are current and the kids are very much immersed in the same thing teens are today.

The Jokes


The jokes are hilarious! They are current and fresh. The kids are adorable and their jokes are cute. The adults’ jokes are for a more mature audience, but not so mature that you want to turn it off when your parents walk in the room.

The Girl Power


The girl power in this show is awesome. Instead of three guys taking care of kids, it’s girls. It’s interesting to see how these three handle raising boys, and this time also a girl. The dynamics are different and their tactics interesting, but they always make it work. Parents and kids can definitely relate.

Hoped you found my suggestions helpful! Enjoy!


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