Coachella Outfit Critic

Hello fashionistas! I am here for one purpose and that is to give you my thoughts on Coachella, the boho festival of California. Not only is the music fantastic, but so are the outfits. Every. Single. Year. So here we go!


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I love this outfit! Kat looks so good! The shirt and skirt are amazing, and while the skirt is more intricately designed, the solid colored top looks fantastic against the skirt. The necklace is minimal, but anything else would have looked weird. The brown sunglasses are perfect, but the only thing I would change would be the color of the shoes to a more deep brown to match the sunglasses a bit more. Though overall loved this!


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First of all can I just say I love, love those amazing jewels on her eyes. Instead of going with a predictable boho ensemble, this genius went with a long dress and forehead decoration. If there was a most unique award, Vanessa would win it. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this outfit except maybe she should have gone for a bolder lip like pink. Stay awesome, Vanessa!


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I’ll start with what I love about this outfit. The hat and round glasses are totally vintage and totally awesome. They give sun protection and are super cute. I also love the choker and long necklace ensemble. The shirt is throwing me off a bit. I love a good see through over bralet look, but this is a little weird. It’s not awful though and if she likes it then that’s okay. The shoes are not my favorites, but they go with the outfits so I definitely approve.


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Katy Perry has always been able to pull of the unpulloffable (is that a word? whatever.) This is no exception. It’s definitely not my favorite outfit of Coachella. I do love the hairstyle, makeup, and shoes. The black ruffles on the bottom and sleeves are a little strange to me. The only other thing that bothers me is the bra. I would have gone for something less showy since the sheer is already showing so much. Still it’s certainly very Katy Perry and that’s great!

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