6 Types of Heels I Swear By

Need a nice pair of heels? Here is your answer. These heels are as stylish as they are comfortable. Read, enjoy, and splurge!

1. Kitten Heels

Wear With:

  • skirt
  • blouse
  • babydoll tops

2. Lace Up Wedges

Wear With:

  • wrap dress
  • jeans
  • big bag


3. T-Strap Heels

Wear With:

  • skater dress
  • bold lip
See original image

4. Block Heels

Wear With:

  • tie blouse
  • pants (not denim)
  • black and white

5. Booties

Wear With:

  • jeans
  • sweater
  • fall colors
See original image

6. Gladiator Heels

Wear With:

  • shorter dress
  • blouse tucked into short skirt
  • romper or jumpsuit
See original image

. . . Or just wear flats. That’s great too. Hope you found this helpful!



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