Popular Fashion Trends: Which To Try And Which To Avoid

So if you don’t know I’ve been vacationing in France for a few weeks and I’ve been watching the fashion closely. I’m in a tourist-y area so I see fashion from all over the world. I believe I am now qualified to tell you fashion trends that are in right now and which are worth a try. So here we go!

The star ratings are out of five! I do not know why the last stars are so weird. Sorry.

White Platform Shoes




See original image

I love this trend. It looks really good when you have the right pair of shoes and you style it right. I saw these everywhere. Mostly sandals. Many were great and styled awesome. A few were awkward.

This trend is mostly popular among adults. I theorize that adults wear these because they are comfortable and stylish which adults usually go for while younger ages go just for stylish. Anyway, these are totally in right now.


High Waisted Shorts







Mixed feelings about this trend. High waisted shorts are very popular among teens
right now. It’s not only high waisted shorts though. It’s high waisted anything. This trend can look very good when worn right, but I actually found that many people don’t wear it right. I also don’t like that high waisted shorts are really short. I know that shorts in general are supposed to be short, but high waisted shorts are just a tiny bit too short for me. But again when styled right and worn appropriately, they look great!


Adidas Shoes




This trend I am not so crazy about. I think that sometimes trends are so popular, they get boring and basic. I have seen so many people wearing these exact white Adidas sneakers and they mostly pair it with shorts and a plain t-shirt. I find that when you do that you look like everyone else and fashion is about expressing your individuality.

That being said I saw this woman today  wearing the cutest outfit with these sneakers. So if you make it your own than I respect you trying this fashion trend.


Wide Legged Pants



I LOVE this trend. Wide legged pants, especially linen ones, are so fresh and look amazing.


They are perfect for both colder weather and warmer weather which is probably why they’re so popular. I personally have a pair and I wear them all the time. A statement colored wide legged pants with a solid colored shirt is great. Black, gray, and brown are great too. Sandals work well with these pants. Please try this trend out if you haven’t already.


Strappy Short and Block Heeled Sandals



See original image

I saw this everywhere and I love this trend especially when the heels are a statement color. I love that instead of seven inch heels, people are going for a shorter and way more comfortable heel. Block heels are also one of my favorites and I think they aren’t worn enough. I’m glad to see they’re coming back.

White is also a color I love as this shoe especially if you have darker skin because the color stands out so well. The great thing is that this heel works for almost every outfit because it comes in every color.


Aviator Sunglasses



I don’t actually know why these are so popular. Not that I don’t like them. I just don’t know the reason. I think that with the right face shape people can rock these sunglasses. But I also think that people are depriving themselves of other, maybe better types of sunglasses. I don’t actually look great in aviator sunglasses. Other people definitely do and if you like them, go for it. The ones that are really popular are the ones that are rainbow colored shades.


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