Essentials For Your Vacation (Cold And Warm Weather)

Yes, it happens to be that time where everyone is going on vacation. Whether you’re going to sunny California, or cold England, you need to pack. I have made many mistakes in my early packing days, but now I have mastered the impossible. Read this so you can stop cowering in fear when it’s time to pull out the suitcase.

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Scarves Are Now Your Best Friend


Scarves are sooooo important especially in cold places. They are stylish and will keep you warm. Plus they fit great in a suitcase. Just make sure to twist the scarves tight and stick them in the very corner of your suitcase. A tip to give you more room: wear one of the scarves on your flight/road trip so you don’t have to pack it.

I bring a minimal of three scarves. I have this amazing black one with white skulls. I also make sure to bring one bright scarf. Look up different ways to tie your scarf on YouTube so you can make each outfit unique and different even if it’s with the same scarf.


The Perfect Bag


If you find the perfect bag you won’t need to pack another one and that will give you space in your suitcase. Especially if you’re going to a place with uncertain and ever changing weather. It needs to be stylish, obviously, and have a lot of space. I actually suggest a backpack. You might be walking a lot and you don’t want to have to carry your bag. Backpacks also have a lot of pockets and space. I suggest one in a neutral color so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your outfit choices.

Here is a link to find a few backpacks. Do not be thrown off by the titles!

What To Pack In Backpack

On Flight: wipes, vitamins, mints, painkillers, sleep mask, book or magazine, hairbands, extra set of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, granola bars, phone, neck pillow, 

When You’re There And Sightseeing: camera, painkillers, phone, cash, granola bars, water, fruit, book on places to visit, dictionary (if you’re in foreign country), rain jacket (if you’re in a rainy area), hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses (if you’re in a sunny area)

Linen Pants


These are amazing! They are great for any type of weather. If it’s chilly they give maximum coverage and if it’s hot they keep you cool plus they don’t expose your legs to the sun. Not to mention they are ultra stylish. If it’s hotter where you’re going try for wide legged linen pants. Just don’t wear linen pants in really cold weather because they will not keep you extremely warm.

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All you need is one pair and you can change up shoes, tops, and accessories. These are also great for an evenings out with some heels, lipstick, and a blouse. Pack a neutral color and make sure to bring tops that work well with the pants. A white blouse is great and easy.



Stylish Hiking Sandals (Don’t Hate Until You Try ‘Em)

This is for when you are going sightseeing and need to do a lot of walking. Sneakers don’t always look great with outfits and they’re hot and sweaty. I present to you the stylish hiking sandal. I was a little unsure about it at first too, but just google stylish hiking sandal and you will come up with a few really good results. I was pleasantly surprised.

See original image
See original image
See original image

Sheer or Lace Tank Tops


These are great because again they give you minimum coverage when it’s hot and they are stylish. If you’re not comfortable with just wearing a sheer or lace top with a bra, wear it over a light t-shirt. All you have to add now is jeans or shorts.

For Colder Weather

If you start to get cold or if you’re in a cold area you can throw a jacket on over the tank top or wear the sheer or lace tank top over a long sleeved shirt. It really works for any type of weather or occasion. Also, it doesn’t need to be a tank top. Try a lace or sheer long sleeved blouse like below.




These things are lifesavers especially if you’re traveling to Europe. If you’re not sure about the weather somewhere, pack shorts and skirt. Then throw in a pair of tights. You can even keep them in your backpack and go into a bathroom somewhere and change if it get’s cold.

It get’s cold at night so if you’re going out, just wear tights underneath so you can still wear a dress. I wouldn’t go for skin colored tights because they will make you look old. Black is way more fashionable.


Doc Martens

These shows are amazing. They are waterproof, my doc-martens-wearing friend has told me, and they are very stylish. They are get for cold or wet weather, but I’m sure you could make it work in warm weather too. A black pair fits with anything, but I love the bold colors because they’re unique and give the outfit some excitement. They are pretty expensive, but they are worth it. If you don’t want to splurge look for a pair in a thrift shop, consignment, or second hand store.


Hope you found this helpful. Comment your vacation essentials below and any questions.


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