Tips For Street Style During Fashion Week

Here is a guide to street style. Whether or not you’re in the fashion capitals of the world (Milan, New York, Paris, and London), you can still have killer street style. I constantly stare at people walking down the street and I creep them out, but I just love their street style. Especially in France, where I am no longer, there was a lot of great street style. So here is a guide to rocking it on the best runway in the world, the streets of the world.

Wear Ridiculous Products

Remember that furry handbag or that eye catching belt you saw in the store, but thought, where would I wear it? Well here is your answer! The streets are calling to you and they are saying to put on that furry handbag and strap on that eye catching belt. Don’t believe me? Here are a few pictures of the most outrageous pieces of street style clothes that just somehow . . . worked.


hbz-street-style-pfw-fw2015-day7-19 – Diego Zuko


Ignore The Rules: Don’t Be Practical!

You are not wearing this to be smart or practical. Sure, if you’re going on vacation you bring sensible shoes and a bag that fits everything, but this is fashion week! It doesn’t matter! Wear the most unpractical, stupid, crazy, and fun things. Don’t just wear one handbag, wear two! Do things that aren’t normal. Surprise, excite, reinvent.



Hair Color

It’s back in everybody. If you don’t want your clothes to be too crazy so maybe just your hair. Even better, both! Here are a few examples of great ways to do it. For example mixing and matching (first photo), black and white with bold hair (second photo), or a complimentary shade that don’t distract from the clothes.


Surprise People By Being . . . Simple

I hope I haven’t made you think that you have to be outrageous. Street style is about surprising people. Simple and elegant looks are surprising too because it’s rare. Here are a few examples of people who knocked it out of the park with simplicity and style.


Crazy For Coats

Can’t figure out what to wear? Just find the craziest coat and wear neutral colors underneath. Let the coat do all the talking. Have a funky color, pattern, length, size, shape, or fit. All eyes will fall to that amazing coat.


Go Head To Toe The Same Color

This trend is daring while also being easy to style. It can be hard to pull off and if you’re not sure add a small splash of a second complimentary color or different shades. If you are ready to go all in find funky products in the same color. Good luck!


I hoped this helped and you found this interesting.



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