Who Wore It Better!

Who wore it better is always hard to do for me. I’m too nice of a person and I just don’t want to pick someone. But I am just in the mood to do this right now so here it goes. Let the competition begin.

1. Olivia Holt vs. Madison Beer

Both of these tops were worn by these stars on Coachella weekend.


While both of these stars look fabulous, for me there is one clear winner and it’s Olivia Holt. I love how Olivia tucked in the peasant blouse because it gives her a waist and shows the great shorts underneath while Madison’s shirt looks like a dress and way too loose. I like Madison’s choker, but Olivia took it up a notch by wearing something not to matchy matchy. Plus her’s is bolder and looks more like a necklace. Lastly, the shoes. Madison’s, again, are very matchy matchy plus they are so wild that they throw attention off of the blouse. Olivia’s shoes are neutral, stylish, and just over all just work better with the outfit.

2. Selena Gomez vs. Katy Perry

Selena Gomez wears this bralet on March of 2013 and Katy Perry wore it to Coachella in April 2013.


I think that when wearing a bralet it all comes down to what what you pair with it. I believe the skirt that Katy is wearing comes with the bralet. While that is all good and nice, Selena went for something less predictable and paired it with an orange skirt plus nude heels and orange lipstick to match. I like Selena’s better. I love how her hair is on one side and the earrings. Overall I just found hers a lot classier. Not that I don’t like Katy’s. I love the sunglasses and earrings. The bag and shoes though are just not my thing.

3. Elle Fanning vs. Olivia Palermo

Olivia wore this to the Couple of the Year Awards (didn’t even know that existed) in 2011 and Elle wore it to the Elle 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute.


I love this dress on both of these women, but the Who Wore It Better award goes to Elle Fanning. The dress is just so youthful that it needs a youthful feel with it and Olivia Palermo just doesn’t give the dress that (I’m saying this in the most respectful way possible). Also, the red shoes and sequin clutch are just to much and too bedazzled. The dress is simple and elegant that it needs simple and elegant accessories. That’s what Elle did with her adorable black heels and soft lip color.

4. Hailee Steinfeld vs. Demi Lovato

Hailee Steinfeld wore this at the Z100’s Jingle Ball in Bew York (Decemer 11th) while Demi wore it at the Jingle Ball in Boston on Thursday, December 10! Same event, same shorts!


I’m not a fan of booty shorts to an event. I think they are more appropriate for a night out or on stage. For an event, dresses or dress pants work better. That being said I like Haliee’s look a lot better. Demi’s is a little too black for me. There’s no color and she does black all the time. Plus those booty shorts already show so much. With the bralet there is too little there. Hailee’s shorts on the other hand give the her outfit a focal point and the red is very Christmasy. Since she is wearing such short shorts, Hailee’s top is very appropriate and stylish.

5. Nikki Reed vs. Jamie Chung


Both of these outfits are great, but I have to say I think Jamie pulled it off better. Nikki’s all black ensemble is a little bit boring. If she had worn some leather skinny jeans instead of those ones it might have been better. But the shirt and jeans are just so similar and usual. Plus I’m not a fan of the shoes she’s wearing. Jamie on the other hand is wear a blouse and black skirt with the jacket which elevates the funky jacket. Plus those loafers are super cute and gives it a bit of a menswear look which is very fashion forward.

Hoped you liked this! Let me know if you agree or disagree.


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