Teen Choice Awards 2016 Fashion Critic

The Teen Choice Awards are a great awards show especially for teens who can vote. I was very happy about all of the winners who totally deserved a surfboard. I have not seen a lot of the fashion so before I see it I am writing this. I do not know if I will be satisfied with the fashion, but we will see. So here we go! A critic of the Teen Choice Awards.

1. Lea Michele


Ah Lea Michele! I do love her a lot. She is awesome. And she looks great. I didn’t recognize her at first, but I think that’s good. Lea Michele has done something different this year and I love it. At first, I wasn’t sure. This outfit is a risk. But I personally think it paid off. The hair like that goes great with the dark blue. The top and long skirt clash, but in a great way I think. The pink shoes make the outfit even more interesting if that’s even possible. Pale pink and dark blue go great together. She looks great and you can tell she knows it. Really well done, Lea!

2. Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber

Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin

Look at these lovely ladies. I love Fuller House and also watched Full House. They look amazing and are such an inspiration to me. Let’s start from the right. Jodie Sweetin’s hair looks great. I love her braided crown. I’m not a fan of the dress. It doesn’t really look like it fits.

Candace looks great as well. I love her jumpsuit. Again, very dark in color for a colorful event, but she looks good. I would have gone for a nice necklace, or dangling earring. There’s just too little there for me.

Andrea Barber I think dressed very well. The dress is totally Teen Choice and looks great. Maybe a necklace would have looked nice with it, but it’s not necessary.

3. Laura Marano

Laura Marano

I love Laura, I really do and I really want to like this jumpsuit, but honestly, I don’t. I’m not a fan of that lace. I think it’s not meant for an event. It’s too flimsy. Also, that deep V neck is awkward and weird. Plus the red color is also strange. It’s just not me. I do love jumpsuits on Laura though. Plus her hair looks great and the shoes go with the jumpsuit. Overall, though, not my favorite outfit of Laura’s.

4. Sarah Hyland


I love Sarah Hyland. My family and I love Modern Family. This dress is awesome and perfect for the Teen Choice Awards. The clutch and sandals are so cute. I love it all. Sarah is a pro and she’s knows what she’s doing. The cutout at the neck is just right and the colors are great for Teen Choice. The hair, while it goes with the outfit, looks a little weird though. It’s not terrible, but I would have gone for something else.

5. Rowan Blanchard


I do not like this at all. Rowan is great, but this is a swing and a miss. It’s too big and isn’t appropriate for this event. My main problem is actually the denim coat, not what’s underneath. It must be so hot and it’s so so big. I also just don’t like the shoes. I’m sorry, Rowan, but I’m not a fan of this.

6. Jessica Alba

Teen Choice Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 31 Jul 2016

Again, another all black outfit. But Jessica Alba can do no wrong. She looks fabulous. I love that shirt with swirls and the pants. Black just suits her so well. The barely there makeup also suits her. I would have gone for some sort of pop of color, but whatever. Jessica looks great and awesome. The bag is funky and I kinda like it.

7. Emeraude Toubia


My first thought was no, way too short, but it’s actually not that short. It just looks like it should be because it’s a coat. Wait, actually, I just looked at it and I think it’s a coat and skirt. It doesn’t matter, Emeraude looks fabulous. The outfit is meant for her. I love all of those chokers and the one long necklace. It looks great. I also love the shoes. It elevates the outfit. The red lipstick and hair is also awesome. She looks great and she knows it. It’s impressive considering she’s so new to the red carpet scene.

8. Sherri Saum


Sherri Saum is so pretty. She knows how to dress appropriately and stylishly. I LOVE that shirt and skirt combo. It’s not too different from what she wears on The Fosters, her TV show. I love the heels and the pattern on the bottom of the skirt. The braid is super cute. Basically, I love everything about this outfit. This is one of my favorite outfits at the Teen Choice Awards.

9. Lucy Hale

















If you Google Lucy Hale at the Teen Choice Awards you’ll see that she always looks great. This is not one of my favorite of her dresses, but she seems to understand the color scheme of the event and wears something that works with it which I love. The dress is a little weird, but Lucy just makes it work. She looks great. I love the simple makeup and hair. Her hair is fabulous! The shoes and clutch work well together. So while this dress isn’t great, Lucy makes it work. If anyone can pull it off, she can.




Let me know what you think and if you agree! Tell me what your favorite outfit of the Teen Choice Awards was. Mine was either Lea Michele’s or Sherri Saum’s. Hope you enjoyed this!


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