How To Be Stylish And Sporty

So since the Rio Olympics have just started up, I figured I’d do something sporty. I personally think that wherever you go and whatever you do, you should always look good. That includes when you’re working out. So here are some ides out how to look good while also being sweaty. I will again be using Polyvore for my examples.

sports outfit #1

Adidas activewear
$45 –

Nike activewear

Nike footwear
$64 –

A nice sports bra and matching sneakers look never fails. This is especially great for a hot day when you don’t feel like wearing a shirt. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing just a bra then just skip to the next outfit.


sports outfit #2

Sleeveless top

NIKE activewear top
$29 –

NIKE black shoes

Wear a crop top over a tank top. The crop top doesn’t even have to be specifically for sports. You can wear shots with it, or leggings.


sports outfit #3

Under Armour white jersey
$33 –

MANGO activewear pants
$39 –

Nike sneaker
$115 –

Tie a jacket around your waist. It’s great for uncertain weather. You can put it on if you’re cold. You don’t have to wear a sports bra. A t-shirt works just as well.


sports outfit #4

Nike activewear
$65 –

Agnes de Verneuil chains jewelry
$120 –

Mens ball cap
$5.20 –

This could specifically be for tennis, but it doesn’t have to be. Switch out the visor for a headband and you have yourself a workout outfit for any sport.


sports outfit #5

NUX ankle length jeans

Lucy sportswear

NIKE black sport shoes
$91 –

You don’t just have to wear a shirt that has a focal point. There are some pretty cool leggings with galaxy prints, or art. Then just add a solid colored tank top.


sports outfit #6

Blue shirt

Lucas Hugh clothing
$105 –

NIKE sport shoes
$155 –

Under armour hat
$24 –

Wear a t-shirt with a saying There is a lot of great ones for sport. Add a beanie if you think it won’t fall off and sneakers.




Selena Gomez has some great sport wear outfits. She models for Addidas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Bella Thorne –                                      Candace Swanepoel –

Jessica Alba –                                         Emma Watson –

Hope you liked this. Watch the Olympics and stay active!



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