Teen TV Shows Ranked By Best Dressed

Welcome to Teen TV shows ranked by best dressed. Now, I’m sure there are many fashionable TV shows out there that I will miss because I’ve never heard of them, or don’t watch them. Please let me know if you have  a TV show in mind and I will check it out. Here we go!

1. Pretty Little Liars


I can’t even look as good as these girls when I’m NOT being chased by a cyber stalker and loaded with homework. So yeah, these four have a lot on their plate yet they always find time to perfectly coordinate their amazing outfits. Pretty Little Liars is such an inspiration for me for fashion. You should definitely check out this show if you haven’t already.

2. Girl Meets World


These girls are dealing with issues teens face, but certainly not the one where they have nothing in their closet. These two gals are always looking great from skirts to denim jackets to knee high boots. Just admit it, we all secretly wish we could have their whole wardrobe.

3. Young & Hungry


This cooking girl from Young and Hungry could also be a fashion designer the way she dresses. From her beautiful matching aprons to her BFF Sofia’s preppy style, San Francisco and every female chef better watch out.

4. Hart of Dixie


For a small Southern town, this might as well have been one of the fashion capitals of the world. Zoe walks down the streets of Bluebell everyday in perfectly tailored skirts and jackets while Lemon’s sweet, pastel Southern style is to die for. Every girl, and boy, in this show is always looking great through doctoral emergencies and relationship drama.

5. Gossip Girl


While I do not watch Gossip Girl, I have seen many of their amazing outfits and it has had me asking one question, why have I never seen an episode of this show? If the story is as good as the fashion then I think that this should go on my list of shows to watch next.

6. Once Upon A Time


If I were stuck in a fairy tale, I would want the fashion designer from Once Upon A Time dressing me. The Evil Queen’s beaded and dazzling dresses are gorgeous and Snow White’s huntress costumes are so stylish. Even the men looking dashing in their coats and boots. Plus the modern clothes from Storybrooke, featuring florals from Mary Margaret and tailored suits from Regina, are so fashionable. This is a show you should defnitely check out if you haven’t yet.

7. The Fosters


This family always looks good whether it’s Adoption Day, a wedding, a birthday party, or just a day at school. Sisters Mariana and Callie have totally different styles which reflects how different their lives are, but they both look great. Jesus’s surfer style shirts and Lena’s boho outfits add even more style to the mix. This family is diverse in many ways including style.

8. The Originals


The city of New Orleans is alive in The Originals as vampires and witches and werewolves fight to the death. And they look good while doing it. The vampires are totally punk rock with leather jackets and spikes while the werewolves are more understated. If you don’t want to watch The Originals because of the action, watch it because of the fashion.

9. The Flash


The people of The Flash are always saving the world and they look good while doing it. Scientist Caitlin is always professional in cute dresses and blouses. Iris is more street style stylish while Barry opts for sweaters in dark red and blue.

10. Black-ish


Same as Gossip Girl, I haven’t seen much of this show, but it looks really good and is also on my list of shows to watch. I especially love the style of the older sister Zoey and her mom. Both of them are so fashionable. Even the dad looks great in his suits or sweaters. The brothers look very cool in their jackets and graphic tees. I wish all families dressed like this one.

11. Scream Queens


Another show that looks really good. I love shows that are dark, but have a good fashion sense. Plus my girl Lea Michele is in it! So far, what I’ve seen from this show is awesome. The main sorority girls looks fabulous in their pink furs and pastel skirts. Zayday (left) looks edgy and awesome. Scream Queens seems like a show that is headed for great things.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think! Give me names of TV shows that I forget and/or if you agree with my picks.








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