People’s Choice Awards 2016 Critic

I really wanted to do a critic, but no awards shows just happened so whatever, I’m doing the People’s Choice Awards from January 2016. Alright here we go. Let me know if you want to see more event critics, and/or if you have an event in mind that you want me to critic.

1. Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is awesome. I loved her in HSM and in Journey 2 among other amazing works. But this is just a little too sexy for The People’s Choice Awards. That being said it does go great with the background of PCA. The slit looks great on her and the shoes are cute. The choker and clutch for me are a little too much metallic. You can’t even really see the clutch! I would have gone for a black clutch and different choker. The dress should be the only metallic piece of the outfit.

2. Lucy Hale


I have some problems with dresses that end and then have a sheer skirt underneath. But surprisingly I LOVE this dress. I’m totally in love with it on Lucy too. It’s not as safe as other outfits for this event which I love, but it’s still appropriate and not too revealing. I wouldn’t love it as much if not for that gorgeous braided crown and red lipstick which look like it came with the dress. The clutch and shoes work well with the dress. Anything more elaborate would have been too much.Well done, Lucy, well done!

3. Carly Rae Jepsen


This I really don’t like. It’s not the dress itself which isn’t awful. It just doesn’t work with Carly’s pale skin. I also am not a fan of the hair. Overall, I just find this outfit very plain and it doesn’t work well with Carly. I also don’t see any jewelry and only eye makeup.

4. Katherine ‘Kat’ McNamara


I just said that I don’t like sheer skirts over short dresses, but, like Lucy’s dress, this just works. I have posted this once before, but I have to post it again. This dress, and the design, are so beautiful and they look so good with Kat’s hair color and hairstyle. I love how the dress is the only thing really to be seen. Minimal makeup and no jewelry.

5. Jennifer Hudson


This is a very plain dress and it’s not my thing. But Jennifer can wear anything and look great. It goes great with the shoes she’s wearing and I love the bright lipstick. I would have gone for some more jewelry, but she looks good. I especially love her haircut. I wish I had the guts to chop off all my hair.

6. Naya Rivera


A former Glee star! I love Naya Rivera. And this dress looks like it was made for her. I love the blocked stripes and the long train. It’s perfect for People’s Choice. The cream top color works great with her hair color and skin tone. I’m not a big fan of how her hair was done, but it looks better on her than it would look on anyone else. The heels are perfect with the dress. I love the bronze makeup.

7. Julianne Hough


I just saw Julianne in Grease: Live. She was really good. I actually didn’t recognize her when I first saw this. The dress is not really my thing. I’m not a fan of this shimmery fabric. It looks like it was doused in water. I’m also not a fan of the bun, but it does look good with the dress. I love her makeup though which looks great with dress as well. Overall though, not so crazy about the dress.

8. Arden Cho


This dress is a little bath robe-y for me, but the red and black color is great on Arden especially with her lipstick and dark hair. I think the dress looks amazing and the flowers with the black on the dress look beautiful. Her makeup is lovely and I am glad Arden didn’t add anything else like jewelry because it would have been too much.


9. Priyanka Chopra


This is a very bold choice especially for People’s Choice. I’m not a fan of an all sequin dress, but I definitely prefer the big sequins on this dress to the smaller ones. The dress definitely goes great with Priyanka’s makeup, hair, and shoes. The outfit is very well put together. It’s not my favorite look of the night, but it’s still very nice.




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