Dogs: Fashion, Adoption, and More!

Hi guys! I’m here because I want to let you know about something. My family has a dog and we’re thinking about getting another one. From an animal shelter! Breeders are completely fine, but there are dogs out there who really need your help. We and many people we know have dogs from animal shelters and they are incredible dogs. Please do not write off animal shelters because you want an easy, perfect dog. In honor of this, I’m doing a dog post about dog fashion. This is not for every dog, our dog personally doesn’t wear clothes, but I thought it would be fun.

1. Pretty Pooch

This adorable dog is going classic with pearls and a polka dot bow.



2. Hipster Happy

This yippy little fella is going hip and modern with a pink selfie hat and metallic thermal coat.



3. Masquerade Munchkin

This little girl is ready for the masquerade in a black and gold bejeweled dress and matching mask.



4. Pretty in Plaid

This chihuahua is going school girl chic in a plaid skirt and thick gray sweater.


5. Cool and Cute

This dog is getting fancy in his sharp tie and sunglasses. Add an orange sweater and we’re ready to go out.



6. Cow Coat Crazy

This dog is looking fashionable for cold weather in this cow print coat. Just admit it, we all want to look as good in this coat as this dog odes.



7. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Little Pink Dress

This fashionista is channeling her inner pink in this adorable pink dress. Her owner even wore pink shoes to match.



8. Canine Couture

This dog is looking classy in an orange poncho and a matching orange hat.


9. Handsome Husky

This husky is very handsome in a suit with a bow tie. I think tonight he’s going to get lucky;)



10. Adidas All The Way

This teddy bear dog is looking stylish and comfortable in a fire engine red Adidas tracksuit.


So there you have it. A few dogs who are more fashionable than humans. Think about rescuing a dog. It’s not just dogs. Other pets as well.

Go to your local animal shelter. For example, I live in Princeton, New Jersey and we go to Save for our animals.

Together we can give every animal a home.


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