Different Types of Chokers And How To Wear Them

So the choker trend seems to have come back with everyone from Rihanna to Gigi Hadid wearing it. The 90s overall are coming back. Now I’m not a huge, huge fan of chokers because I feel like at this point it’s been overdone, but it’s not a bad trend either. So here are some different types of chokers and how to wear them.

1. The Black Strip


This is the most common one. It’s a simple black strip. I find that these should not be the bold focal point of an outfit, but a cute addition so don’t count on that choker to be your statement piece. Try leather pants, a striped sweater, and an eye catching jacket with a black choker as seen below. Or try a menswear inspired look with black loafers and an eye catching coat.



If you are going for a more casual look or less dark colored look, wear this choker with shorts and an Urban Outfitters type top. The best shorts for this choker are ones that are a little 90s inspired as well. You can also wear a boho dress. You can even add a second longer necklace which looks great! There are so many ways to go with this black choker so have fun figuring out your style.



  • 90s inspired shorts and top
  • boho dress and reflective sunglasses
  • simple black dress (thicker choker)

2. The Zig Zag Elastic Choker

This is my least favorite of all of the chokers. It goes great with a punk rock look so I would recommend a vintage t-shirt with these chokers and a great pair of jeans plus a leather jacket. Add some red lipstick if you really want to be bold. You can also go all black if you’re not into that look. You can layer necklaces like crazy with this choker as well. I highly advise it because it looks really good.





  • vintage t-shirt, leather jacket, and dyed hair
  • black dress
  • more necklaces layered added to it

3. The Gold Metal Choker

With this you have to make sure to not add any other metallic pieces to your outfit. This choker unlike the others should be the center of attention. It looks great with a simple black and white outfit (picture three), or with a black dress.

If you want to be more bold wear a less tight braided looking one (picture two) and add a pale pink shirt with a black skirt. You can get one that’s less noticable with small little chains (picture one).


  • pink top and black skirt
  • black dress
  • black jacket, neutral top, jeans, and boots




4. The All-In-Knots Choker

This one is one of my personal favorites. It looks like a few knots tied to make a necklace. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look at the pictures. This choker looks great with a kimono, or any type of boho look. You can wear it to a barbecue with an off the shoulder blouse and flared jeans, or a simple dress. With this one, you can really do no wrong.


  • kimono
  • off the shoulder blouse and flared jeans
  • simple dress

There are many more chokers like the thicker black ones with designs, chain chokers, and ascots. Let me know if you want advice on any of those. Hope you enjoyed this!



  1. I have two zig zag chokers, one black and the other dark blue. I have no trouble wearing those. I want to get a black strip choker but I don’t feel that the styles I wear would go with one. I mainly shop at Forever 21 and H&M. Urban doesn’t really suit my style.

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