8 Different Types of Styles: Find Out Which One You Are!

Everyone has there own unique, personal style and that’s great, but there are usually a few categories that everyone fits into. So today I’m breaking down all the types of styles I’ve noticed in my life. This is not to criticize anyone at all, it’s just meant for fun so please don’t be offended. I’m a mixture of a bunch of these styles so you could be too. Comment one I might have forgotten, or which one you think you are. Here we go!


1. The Status Quo Style

Celebrities With This Style: Gigi Hadid

These are the types of people who wear what is in and what everyone else is wearing. Which is fine. There’s not a bad thing, but sometimes these people could step out of their comfort zone and wear something a little more unique. Currently, trends that are really in are white converse, Adidas, chokers, and the 90s. So if you wear a lot of those things you might be this girl (or guy). I don’t have a specific



2. The Colorfully Cool Style

Celebrities With This Style: Lupita Nyong’o, Reese Witherspoon

This is that one person that never wears black or gray, just yellow and purple and pink and green and more. Sometimes they have a happy and bright personality to go along with their outfits too. Sometimes these people have an iffy sense of style and just wear bright pants and a bright shirt which don’t match together. But as their style matures I’m sure they’ll figure out what works for them.


3. It’s All Black And White Style

Celebrities With This Style: Lea Michele, Cameron Diaz

This is the person who always, or usually, is wearing black or white. This doesn’t mean they’re dark or mean or don’t have a sense of style. No, they just know what works for them and/or what they like. They might have a punk rock black and white style or a preppy black and white style.  You just have to make sure that if you’re wearing black and white you make your patterns, materials, and designs really funky.


4. Bohemian Goddess Style

Celebrities With This Style: Vanessa Hudgens

This person could go to Coachella any day and fit in without having to change. You could have more of a laid back boho style or you could be completely decked out in florals and bracelets and hats and sandals. You could also lean more towards a hippie-ish style (which I don’t mean in an mean sort of way) with beads and loose clothes. Either way you are a boho goddess and yo should own that.


5. Preppy Perfection Style

Celebrities With This Style: Emma Stone, Emma Watson

This is the person who wears blouses and cardigans and sweaters. They always look put together and appropriate. They tend to lean towards darker colors like black white, navy blue, green, peach, and gray. Maybe they like braids or hair crowns or ponytails. Anyway, there isn’t one specific color or hairstyle you have to like to have this type of style.


6. The Punk Rock Style

Celebrities With This Style: Demi Lovato

These are those cool people who are always wearing vintage (or not vintage) band t-shirts. They might dye their hair blue or red. They might wear some plaid and cool black and white patterns. They might love combat boots and skater dresses and many other things I can’t name. You could only like one of those things I just mentioned, but you still have this sense of style. You might be an understated version of this which is fine too.


7. The Classic Beauty Style

Celebrities With This Style: Jessica Alba, Audrey Hepburn

This is the less is more person you might know who wears the most simple things like a white or pink blouse and jeans, but they just looks so beautiful. This person could pretty much look good in anything. For them they make the outfit interesting, the outfit doesn’t make them interesting.


8. The Chameleon Style

Celebrities With This Style: Chloe Grace Moretz,

They walk into a room and it’s this shirt and skirt you’ve never seen before and they’re totally different, but somehow it looks amazing together. These are the people who always look unique and different. The person who has that outfit you never would have thought of. That person with that outfit that shouldn’t look good . . . but it does.


I don’t know any of the celebrities that I said had those types of styles so I wouldn’t know if they really have a different style. They were just guesses. Give this post a like if you enjoyed this and comment to let me know what you think!






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