Michelle Obama’s Best Looks

Now with all the talk about the debate and the election I figured I had to do something related to the White House and fashion so I chose Michelle Obama, who by the way is super awesome. So I’m just going to go through my favorite of Michelle Obama’s outfits and clothing. These are not in order from my favorite to less favorite. It is completely random.


This color looks so great on Michelle. It makes the outfit look elegant and pretty even though it’s not overly fancy. It show you that choosing the right color is very important.


This white gown looks stunning on Michelle. I love th gloves and the way it fits her. The great thing is, it also looks comfortable. I love how she did her hair as well. Gorgeous!


This is my favorite of her casual outfits. I love how the dress and jacket match. I wish I had a better shot of her without her hair blowing in her face, but there wasn’t one.I love the geometric lines with the blue flowers.


Black is my favorite color on Michelle. It’s so simple, but so pretty. It’s also something any woman can wear. I love the lace pattern and how her hair is out like that. It looks effortless.


I love that red, orange, and green together. It goes great with wherever they are standing. The dress is lovely and is basically made for her. Michelle always keeps it interesting without making it too out there



This is my favorite dress of hers. It’s obviously for Christmas. I love the material and the sheer. I especially love the neckline and the dangly earrings. It’s perfect for Christmas and I think I already said this, but she looks great in white.


I love her hair pulled back like that. It looks so sleek and polished. I love that emerald on her finger. Emerald jewelry with a black dress always looks good.


Red is hard to pull off and the First Lady did it with confidence. I love the flowery pattern and how she keep the jewelry and makeup simple. Plus that hairdo is so on point. When I saw this I thought to myself, I wish I could pull that off too.


This is not something I would personally wear, but I love it on Michelle. The purple gloves add a focal point and that coat is so unique. Michelle makes it look professional and polished.



This was just stunning and something different too. You can never go wrong with a black dress. I love the mermaid bottom and the cutout. It shows just the right amount of skin. Michelle looks amazing!

So this are my favorite outfits from Michelle. Hope you enjoyed this! Please like and subscribe!


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