The Key Factors To Dressing For the Holidays

So the holidays are coming up soon and, believe it or not, there are radio stations already playing Christmas music. While I’m not that far yet, I can certainly feel the beginning of December coming on and with that comes holiday dresses! I love dressing up for Christmas and whether or not you celebrate that or something else, you do need to wear something nice so here are some tips.

1. Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles!

Any other months I find sparkles tacky and not so nice, but for Christmas it is 100% appropriate as long as they are tactful and fun. No giant blingy rhinestones or anything like that, but tasteful sequins and glitter is alright. You can also wear jewelry if that’s your thing.

Cierra does this really well with this all sequined top and matching red lipstick. The bun adds some sass and makes the look more elegant.

Cierra Ramirez looks amazing in this metallic top and the skyline! | The Fosters: – Cierra Ramirez

Mindy does something more simple, but still beautiful with this green cocktail dress that accentuate’s her curves. The matching earrings looks great and the hair is simple, but pretty! – Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project


2. Color

Color is very important during the holiday season and there are many to pick from. Red, of course, and green. Also, dark blue, silver, black, white, and purple. Stay away from shades that pop like bright yellow, bright orange, or bright green. Christmas colors are deep and darker, but elegant.

The color of Sarah’s dress in this picture is perfect for Christmas, maybe a little too formal, but the jewelry is also great. She looks simple, but beautiful.

2c91b6ed00000578-0-natural_style_despite_the_formality_of_her_floor_length_dress_sa-m-47_1442791864199 – Sarah Hyland

Emma uses color really well in this white and red dress with swirly patterns. The hair is simple and doesn’t take attention away from the dress. The lace peeking out of the bottom adds some innocence to the ensemble and ties the whole look together.

ell.h-cdn.c – Emma Stone


3. Hair and Jewelry

Jewelry is important for the holiday season. Anything that glitters is great for the holidays. I personally love silver, but gold works too. Even simple studs or a bracelet is fine. Do whatever works for you. Drop earrings always look nice during the holidays. Hair looks can be really simple in a bun, or pulled up somehow. Waves looks really nice.

Naya looks great in this black dress, but what makes it unique are the emerald earrings that work really well with the black of the dress. Her hair pulled back like that and waved, sort of Old Hollywood-y, makes the earrings stand out and is also perfect for the holidays.

Tom + Lorenzo – Naya Rivera

Selena’s drop earrings are great and I love how they look like shards of glass clinging to each other. It goes great with her hairdo which is beautiful, but simple. The color of the dress and matching lipstick is also great and perfect for the holidays. The silver eye shadow is so Christmas-y.

tumblr_n54wwkdwgt1swpolso1_1280 – Selena Gomez


4. Ribbons, Tulle, and Lace

This isn’t essential, but I just love this trend for Christmas. It makes everything look so sweet and innocent. You can wear ballet flats with ribbons that you can tie around your ankle or a ribbon belt. Lace dresses are also great and tulle looks so elegant over or under a dress. This is the perfect occasion to try this out. Just don’t over do it and make sure that this isn’t the most exciting factor of your dress because it might be too simple.

The First Lady looks so beautiful in this blue dress with a lace top and jewelry. The lace makes the dress appropriate for any event. You can wear a knee length dress that is this style and it would be perfect for Christmas.

article-2557639-1b6b38ad00000578-537_634x713 – The First Lady Michelle Obama

5. Makeup

I’m not an expert on makeup, but silvers and golds always work well. Red lipstick is timeless and any coral color or sparkly makeup works as well. Mascara is great and blush will look great with your holiday dress. Never too much makeup, but enough that it is noticeable if you want it to be.

This goldish bronze eyeshadow, mascara, and nude glittery lip color is perfect for Christmas especially if you are understated when it comes to makeup.


This red lipstick is great for the holidays especially with a black dress, silver jewelry, and red nails. This is easy, but great for Christmas and looks different on everyone so it never gets old.

110116-reese-witherspoon-december-cover-lead – Reese Witherspoon


I hope you found this helpful and/or interesting. Comment what you thought and follow. Have a great holiday!


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