Combinations for the Fall/Winter Season That You Need To Know

So here are a few combinations that make it easy for you to dress for fall and winter. I saw someone do this with men’s clothes so I’m going to do it with women’s. Here we go!

1. Tights, Shorts, and A Sweater



2. Trench Coat, Sweater, and Boots

Image result for trench coat, sweater, and boots


3. Wide-Leg Pants, Blazer, and Handbag

Image result for wide legged pants and blazer


4. Jersey Dress, Scarf, and Boots

You can add tights if it’s too cold and/or a jacket.

5. Sweater with Collared Blouse and Skirt

6. Bold Pants, (Faux) Fur Vest, and Boots


7. Loafers, Fitted Pants, Briefcase, and Sweater

8. Denim Blouse with Jeans

Image result for maks chmerkovskiy and zendaya

9. All Black Outfit with Black Leather Pants

10. Cuffed Jeans, Blouse, and Bright Jacket



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