Popular Fashion Trends: Which To Try And Which To Avoid Part 2

So there are a lot of popular fashion trends going on right now and some are great and some not so much. Some have just been done so much that they’re almost not interesting anymore. But if these trends are something that you like to wear then go for it.  These are tips, not rules.

1. Shirts With Criss Cross Strings


These shirts are super popular right now. I personally am not a fan of the ones that go so far down. I find them a little too revealing. I do, however, like the ones that have only a few strings. Personally though these shirts are a little plain for me.

Related image


2. Velvet


I love velvet, I really do. When it’s done minimally it’s very beautiful. it’s also a very easy trend since you can just throw on a velvet dress and you look great. I just think that people shouldn’t over do it and wear velvet 24/7. That being said it can be very beautiful and I say go for it.


3. Slip Dresses


I love this trend. It’s easy and it looks beautifully as long as you wear it to the appropriate places. It’s fashion forward and as long as the dress is the right length and color it’s gorgeous. If you don’t feel comfortable in just a slip dress, a short sleeved shirt underneath also looks great with this dress.














4. Off The Shoulder Blouse


So when I first started seeing this trend it was like a four out of five stars. Except now I’m kind of tired of seeing everyone wearing these all the time. I think these blouses look great at a barbecue or the beach or an event, but once you wear it too much it get’s old. So make sure you don’t over do it with this trend, but definitely try it out. I also love the ones with interesting colors like a light blue or a pattern like the picture below. The plane white or black ones are a little too basic for me. Don’t shy away from interesting colors and/or patterns.


5. Bomber Jacket


I love this trend! I think bomber jackets are an interesting way to add a new level to any look. It can be worn outdoors, but it can also be worn indoors. I especially love the bomber jackets with patterns or symbols, but neutral ones are super nice too. It’s hard to imagine a day where I will get bored with this trend. What’s great about this as well is that bomber jackets look good on everyone. So definitely get yourself one if you haven’t already.

The coolest way to top off an outfit this year, as worn by Yara Shahidi. In 2016, Google searches for bombers soared by 235 percent.
seventeen.com – Yara Shahidi

6. Over the Knee Boots


I think these boots can look great with a few certain outfits, but the problem for me is that so many people wear them wrong. Honestly, I find them too sexy for day-to-day wear and I would never wear them. There are a few outfits where I’ve thought, yes over-the-knee boots work with this, but with many outfits I saw they looked out of place. So I wouldn’t recommend this trend, but if you really think you have something that needs these boots then go for it.



I hope you enjoyed that and let me know what you think. This isn’t to criticize anyone and if you like some trends that I didn’t, I’m sure they look great on you! Like, comment, and follow!

Cover photo from http://www.keoneulaes.org. 



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