Unique Outfit Ideas for Common Articles of Clothing

So many people limit themselves to one outfit idea with an article of clothing. Instead of re-wearing the same outfit, forget your ideas from outfit #1 and start over. I guarantee you that you will have a new and fresher idea. This post was inspired by the book Style Stalking. I got the book as a present for the holidays and I just finished it. I was so inspired and went straight to my closet. So read that book if you can and enjoy this post!

1. Velvet Bralet

1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #1

River Island velvet top
$15 – riverisland.com

Toga white skirt

Valentino shoes

With a structured black bralet the go to response is an all black and white ensemble. Make sure your outfit doesn’t fall flat by choosing interesting textures like this fur purse wallet, wavy line of this skirt, and the wicker platforms of these Valentino shoes. This is a perfect outfit for the summer, whether it’s just a day look, or an event like a barbecue.
1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #2

Cut out crop top

River Island velvet crop top
$15 – riverisland.com

Alexander McQueen elastic waist skirt
$950 – alexandermcqueen.com

Topshop short socks
$4.28 – topshop.com

So this is probably not a go to outfit idea with this bralet, but it’s honestly my favorite of the three. Wear the bralet over a sweater and add a pencil skirt. The contrast between the laid back sweater and formal blouse is an unexpected and great one. Don’t add neutral heels, or the outfit will look too formal. Add a metallic heel in a color that matches the sweater’s laidback vibe, but a pointed front to keep with the formality of the pencil skirt. Add socks, which I promise will look good, if you want to add another dimension and make this look even less formal and more interesting.
1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #3

River Island cut out crop top
$15 – riverisland.com

Pleated midi skirt
$26 – newlook.com

Of course this bralet is velvet and velvet can be very elegant. It would be wrong not to add an elegant outfit to the mix. Red looks especially great with this texture and this coat will cover up the bottom half of your bralet so it doesn’t look inappropriate for an event. During the after party, feel free to unbutton that coat and let your stomach show. Add a tulle midi skirt so your outfit doesn’t get too red and black boring. Finish off with some clean, structured heels and drop earrings and you’re all set.

2. Black Pumps

1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #1

Ashish long sleeve short dress
$2,700 – brownsfashion.com

Jimmy Choo black platform pumps
$700 – brownsfashion.com

Isabel Marant earring jewelry
$64 – ssense.com

These shoes have such a playful vibe and this dress matches that so well. I think this 80s works well with these shoes. The dress is so bold which goes great with these neutral shoes. Pointed heels would have been too modern and formal for this dress so the pumps are perfect. The earrings add geometric shapes to the bold color and tie the whole look together.

1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #2

Plaid top

Topshop jeans
$78 – topshop.com

Jimmy Choo pumps
$700 – brownsfashion.com

Wearing jeans with heels make you look really fashion forward because you look daring enough to wear something as casual as jeans with dressy heels. Add a plaid shirt which adds some more interest to the outfit. You can tuck the top into your jeans or half tuck it. Either works. Add a bag that matches the patches on the jeans to tie the whole outfit together.
1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #3


Jimmy Choo pumps
$700 – brownsfashion.com

Maison Michel crown hat
$620 – farfetch.com
The stitching on these shoes has almost a boho look to them so this floral print dress works well with that. Pink looks so great with black and makes it really pop. A floppy hat adds some edge to the floral while still sticking with the boho theme. Add tights if you want to add some more edge to the outfit. This is easy and looks great.

3. Light Blue Denim Jacket

1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #1

Balenciaga slip dress
$1,330 – mytheresa.com

3×1 blue jacket

Converse sneaker
This denim jacket is perfect for day to day wear. It’s so comfortable and stylish. Add a gray slip dress that skims the knees and white Converse(or any other type of sneakers). You’ll look effortlessly casual and pretty. It’s also a great outfit for flights and long car rides.
1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #2

La Perla loose tank top

3×1 jean jacket

Banana Republic zipper pants

Kenneth Cole block heel sandals
$96 – bloomingdales.com
Go for a breezy vacation look with patterned pants and a silk t-shirt. You’ll look like you’re wearing stylish pajamas, but you’re not afraid to wear it during the day. Add lace up heels to make this a little more dressy and then, of course, the denim jacket which will keep you warm and will cover the bold tank top a little so it isn’t overwhelming. Also, it’ll add a modern twist to this look.
1 piece, 3 ways - outfit #3

3×1 blue jacket

Mary Katrantzou short skirt
$1,035 – stylebop.com

A more daring twist on this jacket is a black shirt with cutouts under your jacket. The sweater-y material will make people think you’re doing the same thing everyone else is, but you’re not. Add a skirt with a unique pattern and heels. It’s unexpected and great for many occasions.

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Cover photo from justthedesign.com.


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