Blake Lively’s Top Ten Best Looks

So I’m a big fan of Gossip Girl, especially the fashion in the show. When Gossip Girl ended Blake didn’t stop her fashionable style. She still looks great. In fact she’s one of my style icons. So here are my ten favorite looks of hers and let me just say it was hard to choose.


This mustard yellow dress looks stunning with her hair straightened and those red lips. I love the simple shoes and clutch. This is elegant and looks effortless even though it’s very fashion forward.


This is so daring and I love it. This looks very random, but It somehow has a point and it works well together. I love the red earrings with it and the red heels. It takes courage to wear this and Blake wore it right.


I love how Blake matches with the carpet. This dress shows off her long legs and I love that she went with a simple hairdo. Red looks so great on her. So many celebrities do red on red carpets and I love how she changed this up and made it more flirty and fun. I have nothing else to say about this except ah-mazing!



I love how the earrings and lipstick match the pantsuit and the shoes. I also love how the straps on the shoes kind of look like branches or vines in a jungle to go with the jungle print jumpsuit. This is so casual yet so elegant. I especially love the earrings. Just the jumpsuit for me would have looked a little old, but Blake makes it fresh and modern.



This is so elegant. I love how the black and white Gucci dress is done. The white and black contrast outlines her curves and the red lipstick is great for a focal point. The hair is a (huge) bun and it’s clean and slick which is perfect for this dress. I love it!


Image result for blake lively cannes film festival 2014



I love this blue and nude dress. It accentuates her curves and almost melts into her skin. The nude jacket over it adds another level of fashion forwardness. I love the light pink lip and shoes which go so well with the nude.


Image result for blake lively nude colored dress



I love this dress and coat on Blake with the straight hair. It looks so beautiful. But what elevates the look is the mustard yellow clutch and splash of red in the strappy white heels. It’s structured and modern, but fun and elegant.



I love, love, love this skirt. The color and fringe is so interesting and different. It’s exactly the kind of piece I would buy, if I had enough money of course. I love the blue sweater with the gold accents with it. It’s simple, but not too neutral that it drags the skirt down.

Blake Lively wearing Balmain Fall 2015 Skirt, Balmain Fall 2015 Sheer Sweater and Christian Louboutin Otrot Fringe Sandals:



I love this dress. It accentuates her slightly pregnant belly. I love the straps and the way it’s cut. It’s so different. The shoes go well with it, but I especially love the bangles. Bangles are one of my favorite go to accessories. Everything about this outfit is perfect!



This dress is my absolute favorite. The small slit shows of her stomach and the side pattern is so flattering. The curls are a perfect match for this flirty dress. The earrings look like they were made to be worn with this dress. The strappy heels are also perfect and so are the rings. You’re awesome, Blake!


I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what celebrity you think I should do a top ten for! Comment, like and follow!




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