Fashion Faceoff: Lily Collins vs. Emma Stone

So here are two very fashionable girls and I’m going to compare their styles. I love both of them and this purely for fun. Here we go!

Gold Dress

I love both of these. Emma’s is Old Hollywood and beautiful while Lily’s is smoky, dramatic, and sexy. I love how Emma curled her hair and the long sleeves and slit. She looks like the dress is dripping off of her. Lily’s dress is short and tight, but covers everything so it’s sexy, but not too sexy. I also love her bun and eye makeup. I like Emma’s better though by just a smidge because the top part of Lily’s dress looks a little weird.

Burgundy Lipstick

I love both of these. Emma’s dress that looks like a vine. But I also love Lily’s lipstick with the earrings, hair, and (not pictured) black dress. I personally like Lily’s better because her hair is dark which just looks better with the lipstick. I also think that Emma’s dress is stunning on it’s own so the lipstick isn’t necessary while Lily’s outfit is made unique with the lipstick. Also I like Lily’s darker shade better.

Slip Dress

Lily’s is a very vibrant shade of red. I love the jacket she added with it. It adds to the casual, I-just-slipped-this-on vibe. Emma’s is a little more formal with the blouse under her dress and hair up. I personally like Emma’s better because the red is just a little bit more flattering. Also I just love Emma’s dress so much. It’s so unique and elegant. Lily’s is also pretty, but I’m going to have to go with Emma on this one.


Both of these are so pretty. Lily’s is fun and I love the bright hair with the black shirt and silver choker. I could go on a rant for days about how much I love bright hair with neutral toned clothes with cool textures and patterns. Anyway, Emma’s dress is simple, but the choker just adds that element that the dress needs to be special. I love the hairdo and simply shade of lipstick. It takes a certain amount of poise and elegance to make something so simple look stunning and striking. However I’m going to go with Lily on this one because the choker with the hair is just amazing.

Black Lace

Both of these are pretty. Lily’s isn’t totally my style, but the dress is very appropriate for the event she’s at. It looks great with the carpet of the color, the shoes, and the red lips. Emma’s is pretty average except then you see the swirly skirt. The black heels are great with it. Personally I like Emma’s better, but that’s just because of my personal style.

So there you go. I love both Emma and Lily so no offense to either of them. Hope you liked this. Comment, like, and follow!




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