4 Stylish Stars to Watch Out For This Year

1. Yara Shahidi

I just love this girl’s style. She’s so beautiful and her fashion is so refreshingly mature. I just love everything about her from her character’s style on TV to her real life look. She’s definitely someone you should be watching out for in terms of fashion.



I love these colors together, they’re so unique. The mustard yellow, blue, and purple is gorgeous. These are the kind of pieces I like. Different, but still classy. I love the photography and her makeup. Gorgeous!



This striped dress is so fun and flirty. I love the colors and metallic block heels with the dress. It’s bright, bold, but not too much. This is also a perfect outfit for a date. I love it!



I just love this skirt with this top. Especially the blouse. It looks stunning on her. She has such a unique sense of style. She goes for great colors and patterns instead of doing what everyone else is.



I love the dress and the choker, but Yara’s hair here looks amazing. I love this pattern. It goes great with the laces on her dress and the choker. It’s very dramatic and different!






2. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has come a long way since the first Hunger Games movie. She has grown a lot and her style has matured. I loved her fashion when she first became famous, but ever since Passengers her style has just stood out to me. She’s definitely someone to look out for this year.



I love this dress. Jennifer looks so good. It’s perfect for the premiere of Passengers. That color lipstick looks fantastic on Jennifer.



This is one of my favorite of her dresses. It’s bright and fun/ She looks so beautiful and it’s a different look from what she usually does. I love how she pulled her hair back with the dress. She looks so comfortable, but stylish.



I love this! It covers just enough. I especially love the heels with the ankle part with the flowers. This would also be great for a festival, or a barbecue. Jennifer looks amazing!





3. Millie Bobby Brown

This girl is so talented. You might know her from oh the super successful show Stranger Things or maybe her new role in Godzilla. However you know her don’t look away because this girl is talented and stylish. She makes being twelve classy and elegant.



She looks so pretty here. I love the flowers on the dress and the sleeves and the belt. It’s so pretty and youthful, but also makes her look grown up. I wished I’d dressed like that when I was twelve.




This is so cute. The high collar is so stylish and I love her hair swept to the side like that. The colors are also really pretty. It’s a little long for my taste, but I understand why. Other than I am absolutely in love with this!



This is so stylish. I love the dress and the bomber jacket. It shows that Millie doesn’t just look good on the red carpet, but also on the streets.






4. Emma Stone

She’s been on the scene for a while, but ever since La La Land has come out she’s been uping her game. Her dress was one of my favorites at the Golden Globes and the Sag Awards as well.



I wouldn’t have liked this dress if it didn’t have the lace piece underneath, but it does so I love it. It’s different, but still sticks to Emma’s style.



These stars are perfect to go with her movie La La Land. It’s a gorgeous dress and I love the necklace with it and the hair. Gorgeous!



This is one of my favorite looks of Emma’s. This shade of red looks great with her hair color. I love the hair and the dark lipstick. I love how simple this is. It just looks so striking and beautiful.













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