Where To Get Fashion Inspiration

Me of all people knows what it’s like to look into your closet and think, ‘I have nothing to wear!’. Or to have a top or a pair of jeans to wear, but you have no idea what to wear it with. So here are some of my sources of inspirations when I’m in a fashion runt, or even when I’m not.

1. TV Shows

I only really watch TV shows that have stylish stars. My love for fashion stems from shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. There are so many great shows out there with great stylists and fashion designers. You can even google a specific article of clothing you have and see how your favorite characters wore it.

Image result for gossip girl fashion


2. Your Peers/Fellow Employees/Friends

Sometimes you don’t pay attention to what your friends are wearing, but you can actually find a surprising amount of inspiration from other people. This is especially good for people still in school because there are always those few students who have the greatest style ever. You just have to weed them out from the crowds of people wearing sweatpants and sports shirts.



3. Street Style Books

So you can buy these books very cheap on Amazon. You might think that street style looks are too out there and unique for everyday life, but the most normal ones are surprisingly wearable. Sometimes the whole outfit isn’t appropriate, but maybe the combination of colors is inspiring. You have to find the details. Two books I loved are Refinery29:Style Stalking by Piera Gelardi and Brooklyn Street Style: The No-Rules Guide to Fashion by Anya Sacharow.



4. Fashion Blogs and Magazines

There are many fashion blogs out there that are great sources of help for fashion. Not just blogs also social media and YouTube are great sources. Polyvore is a fashion social media app that is great for inspiration and sharing inspiration. If you like a magazine their websites are usually helpful. Under this is a photo of Chiara Ferragni who created and runs the blog the Blond Salad. For fashion magazines I personally love In Style. I never miss reading an issue, but anything from Vogue to Elle to Harpers Bazaar is also great.


Image result for chiara ferragni



5. Traveling

Anywhere you go there are different cultures and every culture has different fashion looks and trends. When I was in France for example it was very inspirational. This summer I’m going to Italy and I’m so excited to see the fashion. You don’t even really need to go to the places although it is nice. Just google African fashion, or French fashion.


Image result for african fashion









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