My Wish List For Summer

Comment below what’s on your summer wish list! I’d love to know.

1. Laced Up Heeled Sandals


Image result for laced up sandals heeled

These are great for going out at night during the summer. They are just casual enough and just dressy enough for the summer. They go with basically everything.



2. Fishnet Tights

Anyway who knows me knows I love tights in the winter because I love wearing skits and dresses, but it’s not always warm enough. I always miss tights in the winter so I really want a pair of fishnet tights. They look great, but don’t actually cover much skin so you’re staying cool under the sun.


Image result for fishnet tights


3. Construction Boots

Some people might be saying what, but yes, those construction boots. I have seen some in black, but the brown ones are fine too. I’ve seen people wearing them as fashionable shoes and I’ve fallen in love with them. You can get them all bedazzled now too. They are great for when I’m running around and can’t be wearing dainty shoes. Also, they add a little but of funk and casualness to any outfit.


Image result for fashionable construction boots for girls



4. Floral Romper

What’s great about rompers is that you don’t have to plan an outfit. You just have to throw this on and run out the door. Rompers are cute and great for when you’re busy. You can throw on a dressier jacket and jewelry for a night out.



5. Something With Lemon Print

I love this print for summer. It’s so fun and cute. The yellow and green color is so summer. Pineapple print is great for summer too, but lemons especially.



6. Full Body Necklace

I am obsessed with these. I like these necklaces when the chains are thinner and the whole necklace is minimal, but beautiful. Since you can’t really wear cool jackets or jeans for summer eye-catching jewelry is important.


Image result for full body necklace




7. Bathing Suit Cover Up

So this is for obvious reasons. It’s a great cover from the sun on the beach and if you’re feeling a little self conscious. You can also throw this on to go run to the bathroom, or a store and you’re not walking into a public place half naked.



8. Fringe Bag

These are great to carry around and they’re so boho chic. It’s perfect for nights out, or days out really. Black is great for more rocker or formal if you like that, but I would love a brown one.


Image result for fringe bag




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