Fashion Faceoff: Lily Collins vs. Emma Stone

So here are two very fashionable girls and I’m going to compare their styles. I love both of them and this purely for fun. Here we go! Gold Dress I love both of these. Emma’s is Old Hollywood and beautiful while Lily’s is smoky, dramatic, and sexy. I love how Emma curled her hair and…

Blake Lively’s Top Ten Best Looks

So I’m a big fan of Gossip Girl, especially the fashion in the show. When Gossip Girl ended Blake didn’t stop her fashionable style. She still looks great. In fact she’s one of my style icons. So here are my ten favorite looks of hers and let me just say it was hard to choose….

My 5 Favorites of the Golden Globes

So the Golden Globes were yesterday. There were a lot dresses that I loved and some that I didn’t. So I’m going to give you some of my favorites. Emma Stone   So I loved this dress and the homage to the movie she won so many times for. If she’d had blonde hair the…

My Fashion Resolutions for the New Year

So happy new year to everyone! I had a lot of fun, and good fashion, goin =g on at my New Year’s Eve Party. So I decided it would be cool to come up with a few fashion resolutions for the new year and I think that other people should do the same. 1. Splurge…

Unique Outfit Ideas for Common Articles of Clothing

So many people limit themselves to one outfit idea with an article of clothing. Instead of re-wearing the same outfit, forget your ideas from outfit #1 and start over. I guarantee you that you will have a new and fresher idea. This post was inspired by the book Style Stalking. I got the book as…

Five Outfits Ideas for Different Types of Jeans

So I love jeans and there are so many different types. The right kind of jeans can turn any outfit around and be the inspiration for any outfit. For these outfit ideas the jeans are the focus. 1. Jeans with Patches red, black, green, and blue street style by booklover-101 featuring L. Erickson McQ by…

Articles of Clothing That Men Should Have In Their Closet

So, I don’t know if this is the same wherever you live, but where I live, some guys just don’t really take care of themselves. They just thrown on whatever they first see in their closet. This isn’t all men, of course. Now I believe that guys should care about clothes just as much as some…

Popular Fashion Trends: Which To Try And Which To Avoid Part 2

So there are a lot of popular fashion trends going on right now and some are great and some not so much. Some have just been done so much that they’re almost not interesting anymore. But if these trends are something that you like to wear then go for it.  These are tips, not rules….

Combinations for the Fall/Winter Season That You Need To Know

So here are a few combinations that make it easy for you to dress for fall and winter. I saw someone do this with men’s clothes so I’m going to do it with women’s. Here we go! 1. Tights, Shorts, and A Sweater   2. Trench Coat, Sweater, and Boots   3. Wide-Leg Pants, Blazer,…

November Photoshoot Part 2

Just a few more in case you wanted to see them.   Sweater: H&M Dress: H&M Sweater: H&M Sweater: Gap  

November Photoshoot

Sweater: H&M Sweater:H&M Sweater: Gap   I hope you liked these photos from my sister and I! Comment, like, and follow if you do!

Easy Tricks To Look Fashion Forward

 1. Patterns! Patterns help you be unique from other people. So instead of throwing on that black skirt and white t-shirt, try a floral red and green one with a matching red tank top. Don’t stick to solid colors. When you’re at the store challenge yourself to buy two items of clothing with a cool pattern….